Ukraine, Meloni to Zelensky: “Italy at your side as long as necessary”

“Today’s initiative, Grain from Ukraine, takes on an extremely powerful symbolic value. Italy warmly welcomes the Kiev Government’s desire to give continuity to this initiative and intends to offer a further contribution of two million euros. In In this context, we return to asking Russia to renew its membership in the Black Sea Grain Initiative to ensure that Ukrainian agricultural products can reach international markets and help, in particular, the most fragile nations that suffer the most in terms of food security “. Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in a video message broadcast during the “Grain from Ukraine” summit, underway in Kiev.

“The commitment that Italy ensures today to Grain from Ukraine is part of the 360° support – military, financial and humanitarian – that we have guaranteed to Ukraine from the first day of the invasion. Italy is and will be at your side until it will be necessary. Because the future of Ukraine is a future of peace, it is a future of freedom, it is a European future. The Ukrainian people can count on Italy. We have always been there, and we will always be there”, the prime minister’s promise .

“Dear President Zelensky, dear Volodymyr, we are not experiencing days like any other. They are special days, for Ukraine and for all of us. Today is November 25th and together we commemorate the victims of the Holodomor, the extermination by starvation perpetrated ninety years ago by the Soviet regime to the detriment of your people and which caused millions of deaths”, said Meloni.

“Today is also the 640th day of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the war of Russian aggression. It is the 640th day of resistance to those who would have wanted to bend your people with bombs, darkness, cold and hunger. they succeeded, thanks to your heroism and your love for your freedom and your independence.”