Ukraine, Meloni’s speech is very popular among the leaders of Kiev – Video

The premier’s words to the Chamber of Deputies translated and relaunched on social media by Gerashenko and Yermak

The words in the Chamber of Deputies of Giorgia Meloni on Ukraine, pronounced last Wednesday in the Chamber in response to the intervention of the M5S, are very popular among the leaders of Kiev. In fact, it is to translate and relaunch the Italian premier’s speech on Telegram Anton Gerashenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. After quoting a passage from the speech – “Not supporting Ukraine would mean recognizing Putin’s right to invade foreign territory”, Gerashenko comments: “It is absolutely true. Stopping support for Ukraine would mean that the only law in the world it is the right to force”, writes the councilor, who adds in Italian: “Thanks for the support!”.

“A beautiful speech by Giorgia Meloni. Thank you for your unwavering support for Ukraine. Thank you again for understanding the essence of this war and telling the truth about it. We greatly appreciate your help and commitment. We will win,” the comment on Twitter by Andriy Yermak, head of the Ukrainian presidential office, followed by dozens of appreciations from users, who complimented the premier.