Ukraine, Merkel warns: “Putin on nuclear weapons must be taken seriously”

Former German Chancellor: “Don’t minimize them from the start as if it were a bluff”

Vladimir Putin’s statements must be taken seriously. The warning comes from former German Chancellor Angela Merkel commenting on the Russian president’s threat use nuclear weapons in the event of an attack on the territorial integrity of Russia in the framework of the war in Ukraine. “His words must be taken seriously“, said Merkel, who asked” not to minimize them from the start as if they were a bluff “and to” take them seriously “, according to German radio Rnd.

“This is not a sign of weakness or pacification, but a a sign of political wisdoma wisdom that helps to maintain a margin of maneuver or, at least equally important, to achieve it “, explained the former chancellor.

Putin warned last week, after announcing the “partial mobilization” decree, of the possible use of “any means” in the event of a “threat to Russian territorial integrity”, stressing that “this is not a bluff”, comments that sparked a wave of criticism from the international community.