Ukraine, Miccio (Emergency): “Politics listen to the voices of citizens and work for peace”

“Concern and hope that politics will listen to the voices of citizens who ask for an end to the war”. Thus told Adnkronos Rossella Miccio, president of Emergency who adheres to the Europe For Peace network and participates in the mobilizations that will be held in over 50 Italian cities between tomorrow and February 25 to ask for peace in Ukraine.

“Politics hasn’t made any progress in terms of negotiations, it hasn’t created the conditions for the contenders to be able to sit around a table and negotiate an end to hostilities. Hostilities have been going on for years now, given that the invasion of ‘Ukraine a year ago was the last act of a conflict which in reality had been going on since 2014 in the eastern areas of Ukraine. A conflict -Miccio pointed out- which is reaping an unknown number of victims: to date we do not know how many there are the direct and indirect victims of this war, also because there are people who have left the country seeking refuge abroad, in Europe”.

“We are very worried – he remarked – because politics to date has done nothing but discuss how many and which weapons to send without actually acting as a credible interlocutor for both parties to be able to find common points from which to start negotiations. We believe it is urgent today that politics listen to the many citizens, not only Italians, but Europeans, given that demonstrations are taking place in various European cities, calling for the start of negotiations and a ceasefire”.

“Since the very first moment of the outbreak of war, Emergency has supplied surgical material to Ukrainian hospitals, supported and assisted Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Moldova and Italy – added Miccio – and recently we were in the eastern areas of Donbass, where we encountered a devastating health situation: many people have remained there despite the fact that there are no longer basic services, they are elderly and disabled who cannot leave those areas and who need any type of support and basic health care. what we’re dealing with.”

“We carried out two evaluation missions, to identify needs and places to work and now we are organizing all the logistics. It is not easy given that there are a number of bureaucratic constraints to overcome, such as registering the organization in the country and here the times do not depend on us. However, we are preparing all the necessary material to then bring to Ukraine and start up what is needed for basic health care, clinics and assistance for the weakest”, concluded Miccio.