Ukraine, Michel sees Xi: “EU is counting on China to end the war”

The president of the European Council and the Chinese leader have defined nuclear threats as “irresponsible and highly dangerous”

The European Union counts on China’s contribution ”to put an end to the brutal occupation and destruction of Ukraine by Russia”. This was stated by the President of the European Council Charles Michel during a meeting in Beijing with Chinese President Xi Jinping which lasted about three hours. This is the highest level meeting in person between the EU and China since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and it was ”an opportunity to conduct a sincere and open dialogue”, the EU Council said.

As a member of the United Nations Security Council, China, Michel said, should call on Russia to respect the key principles of the UN Charter. Both Michel and Xi have defined nuclear threats as ”irresponsible and highly dangerous”.

The meeting with Xi, continued Michel, was an opportunity to discuss the various challenges and crises underway, as well as to talk about relations between the European Union and China.