Ukraine, military aid of 2.5 billion dollars arriving from the US

Among the weapons supplied would include, for the first time, the Stryker wheeled combat vehicles

The United States is ready to launch a military aid package for Ukraine worth a total of about 2.5 billion dollars. Among the weapons supplied would be included – for the first time – the Stryker wheeled combat vehicles. This was announced by CNN, citing sources familiar with the matter. The package isn’t finalized yet, one of the sources said, but it could be before the end of the week.

It is one of the largest contributions announced since the war began last February, according to a source, and would include Bradley armored fighting vehicles. Also on the list are Mraps, armored vehicles designed to withstand IEDs, improvised explosive devices, and ambushes.

In addition, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “will press the Germans” to allow the transfer of their Leopard tanks to Ukraine in order to ensure the country “at a crucial moment, the ability” to counter any potential Russian spring offensive. “We are very optimistic that we will make progress on this requirement by the end of the week,” a senior US defense official told CNN.

Germany has expressed reluctance to approve the transfer of German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine by other countries. Before the transfer can be completed, it must be approved by Berlin.