Ukraine, Ministry of Agriculture report: “Spring sowing? 2.755 hectares less”

The report of the Dicastery to Adnkronos: “Luhansk is the only territory that has not been possible to sow. Less sunflower and corn sowing, more peas, barley and oats. We estimate a harvest lower than 50% compared to 2021”

It is characterized by the minus compared to 2021, the balance of spring sowing in Ukraine. “As of June 2, the areas sown for the main spring crops for the 2022 harvest in the territory controlled by Ukraine amounted to 14,161.3 hectares, which is 2,755 hectares less than last year (16,916.3 thousand hectares).” This is the report provided to Adnkronos by the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture which reports: “According to the operational data of the structural units of the regional state administrations, which deal with the implementation of functions on agro-industrial development, the sowing of spring crops was carried out in 23 regions of Ukraine. The Luhansk region is the only territory that it was not possible to sow due to the extent of the fighting “.

“The mines, hostilities and temporary occupation of part of the Ukrainian territory have affected the quality of sowing and the amount of less land sown – the Ministry specifies in the report – Due to the Russian military aggression, farmers have reduced the ‘sowing area for crops such as sunflower and corn and have increased the extension of the area dedicated to crops that are simpler to produce but important from the point of view of food safety, such as peas, barley and oats “. Despite this, “the harvest will certainly ensure internal needs but it is difficult to predict from now on in what quantities. However, a consistent response is expected on the vegetable, soybean, rapeseed, barley and spring wheat crops. corn”.

As for wheat, the State Statistical Service reports that the sowing of winter crops for the 2022 harvest was carried out on an area of ​​7.6 million hectares, or 0.3 million hectares less than in 2021. In particular , 6.5 million hectares of winter wheat and triticale were sown, therefore 0.3 million hectares less than in 2021; 109 thousand hectares of rye, or 63 thousand hectares less than last year; and 969 million hectares of barley, or 163,000 hectares less than in 2021. Winter rapeseed sowing figures are against the trend: sown on an area of ​​1,414,000 hectares, or 442,000 hectares more than in 2021.

Although the destruction of oil deposits and other infrastructures negatively impacted sowing, a recovery was achieved thanks to spring crops: “We sowed 80 percent more land than last year, but the quality of the sowing is worse due to the lack of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and fuel – the report of the Ministry of Agriculture at Adnkronos reads – We predict that we will not be able to complete the winter harvest due to the Russian occupation and land mines. conditions, we estimate an upcoming harvest 50% lower than last year, ie about 44 million tons. The expected gross harvest of cereals and legumes in 2022, excluding temporarily occupied territories, is about 48 million tons compared to 86 million. of tons of the record year 2021; for the sunflower 9.7 million tons, against 16.4 million tons in 2021 “.

This is the list of spring sowing carried out as reported by the Dicastery: spring wheat 189.3 thousand hectares (in 2021 in this same period 162.8 thousand hectares were sown, in 2021 a total of 192.1 thousand hectares); spring barley 948.3 thousand hectares (in spring 2021 1,337 thousand hectares were sown, in total in 2021 1,337 thousand hectares); 32.4 thousand hectares of spring rapeseed (33.2 were sown in 2021); oats 157.4 thousand hectares (177.9 thousand hectares were sown in spring 2021, in 2021 a total of 177.9 thousand hectares); peas 130.6 thousand hectares (in spring 2021 214.7 thousand hectares were sown, in 2021 a total of 242.1 thousand hectares); buckwheat 68.8 thousand hectares (spring 2021, 61.6 thousand hectares, during the whole of 2021 a total of 84.0 thousand were sown).

Then there is in the dossier of the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture viewed by Adnkronos the millet chapter, for which 47.3 thousand hectares were sown (78.1 thousand hectares were sown in 2021); corn, 4,552.7 thousand hectares (in spring 2021 5,167,2 thousand were sown, during the year a total of 5,474.8 thousand hectares); sugar beet, 180.6 thousand hectares (224.7 thousand hectares during spring 2021, 224.7 thousand hectares sown throughout last year); sunflower, 4,573.8 thousand hectares (in spring 2021 6,293.3 thousand hectares were sown, during the year a total of 6,509.7 thousand hectares); soybeans, 1,195.7 thousand hectares (the spring of last year 1,237.5 thousand hectares were sown, during the whole of 2021 a total of 1,279.6 thousand hectares); finally 1,104.9 thousand hectares are sown with potatoes (in 2021 1,283.1 thousand hectares were sown).

(by Roberta Lanzara)