Ukraine, Minniti: “Enlarged Mediterranean decisive for a solution to the crisis”

The president of the Med-Or Foundation: “The conflict has resulted in” three major global crises “, the energy, food and humanitarian crises”

“Today it is not possible to think of a solution, a a stable and lasting peace“of the war in Ukraine” if there is not full involvement of the countries of the enlarged Mediterranean “, declared Marco Minniti, president of the Med-Or Foundation, in his opening speech at the conference ‘New Horizons for Cooperation between Italy and the Uae ‘in Rome.

According to Minniti’s reasoning, the conflict arose “three major global crises“, the energy, food and humanitarian ones, which have spread to the rest of the world like a” tsunami “, but these” very difficult “games are played in the Mediterranean. With regard to the food crisis, for example,” just think what could happen in the countries of North Africa who depend on Ukrainian and Russian wheat “, Minniti pointed out, warning that” the situation is not resolved, some countries in winter may face a food crisis that can lead to a social crisis, giving way to a new wave of migration crisis “.

“Considering the 5 million people permanently transferred from Ukraine, if hundreds of thousands of people from North Africa arrive in Europe, our continent could be caught in a dramatic humanitarian crisis that is difficult to solve and it is not certain that solidarity could withstand this challenge. “, added Minniti, finally arguing that” in the Mediterranean there is a common identity, namely that of being a piece of the southern hemisphere and a war born in the north of the world without the south will not find a solution. This calls into question the countries of North Africa and the Gulf “