Ukraine, missiles based on Russia in Sevastopol. Cyber ​​attack in Crimea

A Russian soldier dies. Kiev drones also in the Krasnodar region. Moscow: “Three unmanned aircraft destroyed.” Russian attack on Kherson. Zelensky: “We will liberate Bakhmut and two other cities, we have a plan”

Missiles and cyber attack, the Ukrainian counteroffensive hits Crimea. A missile strike hit the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea. A Russian soldier was killed, the Moscow Defense Ministry announced, specifying that the air defense forces shot down five Ukrainian missiles launched over the city.

On Telegram, governor Mikhail Razvozhaev reported that “the fragment of a missile fell near the Lunacharsky Theater and all emergency services arrived at the scene. The Ukrainian army then claimed responsibility for the attack. The forces of Kiev did not provide details, however, merely reporting that it was “successful”.

Meanwhile, Internet providers in Crimea were hit by an “unprecedented” cyber attack, simultaneously with the missile attack, reported Oleg Kryuchkov, advisor to the governor. “We are experiencing web access blackouts on the Peninsula,” he added, specifying that security agencies are working to restore service.

The Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had shot down 3 Ukrainian drones, two over the Black Sea and one over the city of Tuapsé, in the Krasnodar region.. “Air defense systems destroyed two Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the Black Sea, near the south-eastern coast of Crimea and another in Tuapsé”, reads the statement taken from the Interfax agency.

Russian attack on Kherson

Kherson governor Oleksandr Prokudin meanwhile reported on Telegram that Russian forces bombed residential neighborhoods of the city, killing a 25-year-old man and wounding another. The attacks occurred in the Dnipro neighborhood of the city and caused a fire in a residential building and a garage.

Ukrainian armed forces liberated Kherson and other regional settlements on the western bank of the Dnipro River last November. Russian forces have been pushed to the eastern bank of the river, from where they continue to fire into the liberated territories, regularly causing civilian deaths and injuries.

Zelensky: “We will liberate Bakhmut and two other cities”

Ukraine will not stop its counteroffensive in the war against Russia, says Volodymyr Zelensky meanwhile, assuring that soon “we will liberate Bakhmut from occupation and I believe also two other citiesI won’t say which ones”. “We have a plan, a very broad plan”, explained the Ukrainian leader in a conversation with American newspapers at the end of his visit to the United States, underlining that Ukraine will not stop the pace of its counteroffensive, as Vladimir Putin hopes will happen to reorganize his forces. “I know what Putin wants – explained the Ukrainian president – and I know that he wants a break because he has lost many people, professional soldiers, they are dead”.

Kiev advances beyond Russian last defensive line of Zaporizhzhia

“Ukrainian armored vehicles are operating beyond the last Russian defensive line in the western Zaporizhzhia oblast”, writes the Institute for the study of war (ISW), adding that it is, however, “not yet able to assess whether the Ukrainian forces have completely broken through this Russian defensive layer. Geotagged footage released on September 21 indicates that Ukrainian armored vehicles have advanced south of Russian anti-tank ditches and ‘dragon’s teeth’ obstacles, which are part of a three-layer defense , and are engaged in limited fighting immediately west of Verbove (18 km south-east of Orikhiv)”.

“It is unclear, however, whether Ukrainian forces maintain these positions – the American analysts continue in their report – This is the first observed case of Ukrainian forces using armored vehicles beyond the Russian three-layer defense. The presence of Ukrainian armored vehicles beyond the last line of the current Russian defensive layer indicates that the Ukrainians have made their breach in the first two lines sufficiently secure.”

“Ukrainian forces likely suppressed Russian artillery and other anti-tank systems in the area, enough to push their vehicles forward. The Ukrainian ability to bring armored vehicles towards and through the most formidable Russian defenses intended to stopping them and using these vehicles near prepared Russian defensive positions are important signs of progress in the Ukrainian counteroffensive.”