Ukraine, missiles over Odessa region. Also hit university in Mykolaiv

A leisure center and several private buildings destroyed

A shower of missiles fell on the Odessa region. Three injured according to the Guardian. The Ukrainian Armed Forces later stated that the missiles destroyed a recreation center and several private buildings.

Two missiles, launched by Russian forces, hit Petro Mohyla University in Mykolaiv. This was announced by the mayor of the city of southern Ukraine, Oleksandr Sienkevych, on his Telegram account. According to the mayor, there are no military targets in the vicinity of the building. “These are real terrorists who cynically continue to destroy our school facilities,” said Sienkevych. At the time of the attack, only one guard, who was unharmed, was inside the university, while some houses nearby were damaged by debris and the shock wave.

DONBASS – Two civilians killed and seven wounded are the toll of the recent Russian bombing of several towns and villages in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk, which together with that of Luhansk makes up the Donbass. The governor of the region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reported on his Telegram account.

KHARKIV – The eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv was hit by numerous Russian artillery shells late yesterday evening. To write about it on Telegram was the mayor Ihor Terechov, who referred to the use of numerous rocket launchers. The attack caused a lot of damage, Bild reports, particularly to a residential building, but there would be no injuries. “We have before us at night, the usual time of the attacks on Kharkiv. Be careful!” warned the mayor addressed to the inhabitants of the city.

CRIMEA – Record traffic has been recorded in the last few hours on the Crimean Bridge, which connects the peninsula with Russia, after the recent explosion at a Russian military base near Dzhankoi. According to Sky News, many people are leaving Crimea, a region annexed by Russia eight years ago, after the raid attributed to Ukrainian forces. Meanwhile, the pro-Russian authorities have announced the suspension of rail traffic due to damage to the network caused by the attacks.