Ukraine, “more Russians fleeing than those at the front”

British intelligence writes it. The president of the Duma: “Citizens registered on the draft lists are prohibited from leaving their residence without permission”

“In the seven days since President Putin announced the ‘partial mobilization’ there has been a considerable exodus of Russians trying to evade the call. Although the exact numbers are unclear, it probably exceeds the size of the total invasion force. that Russia fielded in February 2022 “. He writes it British intelligence, in the latest report released by the London Ministry of Defense. “The wealthiest and most educated are the most numerous among those who try to leave Russia”, the report continues, where it is noted that “if added to the number of reservists mobilized, it is likely that the internal economic impact of the reduced availability of manpower and the acceleration of the “brain drain” become more and more significant “.

Vyacheslav Volodin, president of the Russian Duma, posted a message on Telegram to order his fellow citizens not to leave the country to escape the call to the front: “Citizens registered on the draft list are forbidden from the moment in which the mobilization is announced leave their residence without the permission of the army commissariats. This is the rule of law, and all those eligible for military service must abide by it. ”