Ukraine, Moscow denounces drone attacks on Russian cities

Explosion in Krasnodar refinery. An aircraft crashes 100 km from Moscow. Closed and then reopened the St. Petersburg airport

A’explosion, followed by a fire, occurred this morning in a refinery of the Rofsnet company in the city of Tuapse, in the Krasnodar region of Russia. This was reported by local sources, while on the Telegram channel of the Baza and Shot sites it is claimed that the plant would have been attacked with drones loaded with explosives. And a source of the Russian emergency services would have confirmed to the Ria Novosti news agency that “a drone was detected” near the terminal.

A droneprobably a UJ-22 Airborne produced by the Ukrainian Ukrjet, also crashed in the Moscow region, not far from the capital. The aircraft intended to target civilian infrastructure, which was not damaged. “It happened near the village of Gubastovo”, Governor Andrei Vorobyov said on Telegram, specifying that the Russian services (FSB) are dealing with the incident and that the inhabitants need not fear for their safety. It is unclear whether the drone was shot down.

The news follows what was reported in a note by the Russian Defense Ministry, according to which they were two Ukrainian drones trying to attack civilian infrastructure in the Krasnodar region were shot down in the south and in the Republic of Adygea.

The authorities earlier decided to suspend all flights to and from St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport. According to the Russian site Baza, the airport would have been closed due to the presence of an unidentified object in the sky and following the sighting the fighters were made to take off.

However, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that it was a military exercise. “Today, the forces serving in the Western Air Defense Zone conducted a training session on interacting with civilian air traffic control authorities,” the ministry said, according to which the exercise was about “detecting, intercepting and identifying an alleged target of an intrusion, as well as interacting with emergency services and law enforcement in the event of an emergency situation”.

The Flight Radar website recorded several domestic flights bound for St. Petersburg returning to their departure points. Flights directed to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad would also have been affected by the air closure. The airport was reopened after about an hour.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been “fully” briefed on the closure of the airspace above St. Petersburg and Pulkovo Airport, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, who declined to answer questions about the causes that led to the temporary closure. of the airspace.