Ukraine, “Moscow-Tehran agreement to produce drones in Russia”

The ‘Washington Post’ reveals it

Moscow would have reached an agreement with Tehran to produce the drones, used in the war in Ukraine on Russian territory. This was revealed by the ‘Washington Post’, citing American and Western intelligence sources, according to which Russian and Iranian officials finalized the agreement during a meeting in Iran in early November. The two countries are said to be moving quickly to transfer the key designs and components they could allow the start of production within a few months, three sources familiar with the matter said.

The deal, if implemented in full, would further strengthen the Russian-Iranian alliance that has already provided crucial support to Moscow’s faltering military campaign in Ukraine, the sources told the US newspaper. By acquiring its own assembly line, Moscow could dramatically increase its arsenal of relatively inexpensive but highly destructive weapon systems that have, in recent weeks, changed the character of the Ukrainian conflict.

For Moscow, the deal could meet the need for precision-guided munitions, which are in short supply after nine months of fighting, while offering economic and political benefits to Iran. Against which in recent weeks, precisely because of the kamikaze drones used by Russia against Ukrainian civilians, new sanctions have been approved. If the unmanned aircraft were produced on Russian territory, Tehran could think about avoiding further restrictive measures, intelligence officials stress.

The Washington Post writes that the details of the Iran-Russia agreement were defined during the meeting in early November, which involved a group of Russian defense industry negotiators who went to Tehran to define the logistics. A separate delegation, led by Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev, went to Tehran on November 9 to discuss, among other topics, economic sanctions and other “Western interference” in the affairs of their respective governments. One of the officials briefed on the secret deal described “an aggressive effort” by both countries to facilitate the production of Iranian-designed drones in Russia: “It is progressing rapidly from decision-making to implementation. The process is advancing fast and it’s very fast.”

“Iran and Russia may lie to the world, but they cannot hide the facts: Tehran is helping to kill Ukrainian civilians by supplying weapons and assisting Russia in its operations. It is another sign of how isolated both Iran and Russia are – White House National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson commented – The United States, with allies and partners, is pursuing all means to expose, deter and respond to the supply of these munitions by Iran and the “Russia’s use of it against the Ukrainian people. We will continue to provide Ukraine with the critical security assistance it needs to defend itself, including air defense systems.”

Iran’s United Nations mission in New York, in response to questions about the technology sharing agreement for drones, declined to address the specific allegations. But a spokesman acknowledged that Iran and Russia had “maintained bilateral defense, science and research cooperation that predates the start of the Ukrainian conflict.”