Ukraine, Moscow: “Zelensky tries to provoke war between NATO and Russia”

Lavrov: “Negotiations? There is no date for third meeting”

“Zelensky tries to provoke a war between NATO and Russia”. The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the course of a press point, who in the last few hours has returned with force to demand the introduction of a no fly zone over Ukraine and criticized the position of NATO in the field. “A little while ago he even took over NATO, he made very strong statements against his tutors”, continued Lavrov, always referring to the Ukrainian leader.

According to the head of diplomacy in Moscow, Zelensky “hopes to resolve the conflict with the participation of NATO and not through talks” but this means that he does not realize that NATO “does not want to intervene” in Ukraine.

After two rounds of negotiations between Moscow and Kiev, the third meeting is expected. “A new date has not yet been set,” Lavrov said. “Our delegation is expecting some information from the Ukrainian side. The situation is a bit strange: everyone wants to reach an agreement and yet it seems that the Ukrainians are always inventing reasons to linger over the terms of the meeting that have already been agreed, “he added. “We have not yet received any news on a new date – he said again – we were ready for this new round of talks yesterday evening”.

The evcuation of civilians from Ukrainian cities is not proceeding. It is “the Ukrainian regime” that is preventing the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol in the south of the country, Lavrov said. “There are reports that the Ukrainian authorities in Mariupol do not allow the evacuation of civilians” through the humanitarian corridors.