Ukraine, NATO: “Russia prepares new offensive, give heavy weapons to Kiev”

Pistorius: “A decision on whether to send Leopard will soon be made”

”Russia is preparing a new offensive” in Ukraine and for this reason it is necessary for NATO allies to ”supply heavy weapons” to the armed forces in Kiev. This was stated by the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg during a joint press conference in Berlin with the new German defense minister Boris Pistorius.

”We have no indications” that Russian President Vladimir ”Putin has changed his objectives” with respect to what Moscow calls a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine, Stoltenberg said. ”Ukraine will prevail as an independent sovereign state,” he added.

Stoltenberg said he was ”confident” that a solution will be found ”soon” regarding the sending of Leopard 2 tanks that Ukraine is asking Germany. ”I am confident that a solution will soon be found”, said the NATO secretary general.

Pistorius explained that Germany will soon make a decision on whether to send the Leopard 2 tanks requested by Kiev to Ukraine. ”There is no new information on the Leopards, a decision has not yet been made on the matter”, clarified the German defense minister, explaining that Germany ”will decide soon” on the matter.

Berlin therefore has not yet made a decision but ”the partner countries” of the Atlantic Alliance which ”already have Leopard tanks which can be transferred” and which ”can already train the Ukrainian military” for their use in battle ”they can do it”, said Pistorius.