Ukraine, NATO: “Support for Kiev as long as it is needed”

“Winter is coming, but our support will remain firm”

NATO is ready to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion “as long as it is needed. Winter is coming, but our support will remain firm”. The admiral said so Rob Bauer, president of the NATO military committee, who met yesterday in Tallinn.

“The ammunition, equipment and training provided by allies and other nations are making a difference on the battlefield,” Bauer said. The admiral also wanted to underline how the Ukrainians, “with their successes on the ground and online, have fundamentally changed modern warfare”. Ukrainians were very creative in using the weapons provided to them, “they used them in ways that we don’t normally use,” he said.

The NATO military committee brings together the chiefs of staff of the 30 member countries. At the heart of his two-day meeting in Tallinn is the implementation of the decisions taken at the Madrid summit in late June. For the first time, the chiefs of staff of Sweden and Finland are present as guests, whose request for admission to the Atlantic Alliance has been accepted but has yet to be ratified by the parliaments of all member states.