Ukraine, NATO will supply Russia anti-drone systems in Kiev

Stoltenberg: “No nation should support Moscow’s illegal war”

There NATO will provide Ukraine with air defense systems to counter Russian attacks with drones. “The most important thing we can do is to deliver on what the allies have promised, to provide more air defense systems,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, quoted by the Guardian. “In the coming days – he added – NATO will provide anti-drone systems to counter the specific threat of drones, including Iranian ones. No nation must support Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine”.

Kiev: “Russia bought 1,750 Iranian drones, 70% shot down”

The first package of Iranian drones purchased by Russia included 1,750 of these weapons, but the Ukrainians shot down 70% of them. This is said by the head of Ukrainian military intelligence Kyrilo Budanov, interviewed by the Ukrainian website Obozrevatel and relaunched by Ukrainska pravda.

“The first tranche of the order consisted of 1,750 drones, followed by other orders,” said Budanov, stressing that production and delivery “is not an instant process”. “They are gradually depleting them, the Iranians are making new ones, but we shoot down about 70% of all drones.”

According to Budanov, Russia has a shortage of missiles. The stock of Iskander missiles would have shrunk to 13%, despite the Russian law prohibiting it from going below 30%.

“Russia certainly offered Iran something important in exchange for the drones and the ballistic missile contract. What do you think Iran achieved by accepting direct complicity in the mass murder of Ukrainians?” This was asked by the advisor to the Ukrainian President Mikhailo Podolyak in a tweet, then offering three possible answers: “1) Uranium and other materials; 2 Nuclear technologies; 3) Guarantees from Russia”.