Ukraine, Neuromed opens its centers to researchers fleeing war

‘Science as a pillar of peace’, IRCCS will cover travel, room and board expenses

Irccs Neuromed makes its biomedical research facilities available to researchers working on neuroscience and related topics in universities or research centers in Ukraine and who need support to carry out their projects. Neuromed will cover their travel and accommodation expenses for the entire required period, as well as the costs of the research they intend to conduct. The hope of the Molise research institute is that the Ukrainian researchers who accept this invitation will be able to return home soon and contribute to the recovery of their country, pledging to support their return costs as well.

“The world of science – he says Giovanni de Gaetano, president of Neuromed – it is a large community that has always crossed borders. We believe it is now more than ever the time to reaffirm how science is a force for peace, dialogue and mutual understanding ”.

“It is in the nature of the researcher – he comments Luigi Frati, scientific director of Neuromed – have an international scope, open to advances that bring new knowledge and health benefits, wherever they are made. Personally through the network of Pasteur Institutes – says Frati who is also president of the Pasteur Italia Institute and in contact with the Pasteur of St. Petersburg – I make an appeal: stop the war, be brothers, as we are here in Neuromed with colleagues and Ukrainian colleagues who will come to work with us in this dramatic moment ”. Interested Ukrainian researchers may contact the Neuromed Research and Development Office (Avv Emilia Belfiore, [email protected]).