Ukraine, new explosions in the Crimea. Moscow: “Act of sabotage”

A military depot in Dzhankoy damaged. Kiev: “Militarization until complete liberation, Crimea is ours”

New explosions in the Crimea. The Russian newspaper Kommersant quotes residents of Gvardeyskoy, in the district of Simferopol, who said they saw black smoke on the air base located in the village, after hearing several explosions. The incident occurred about one hundred kilometers from the Russian ammunition depot near the town of Dzhankoi, where the Moscow Defense Ministry reported an explosion.

The one in Crimea was an act of “sabotage”, the Russian Defense Ministry said. “On the morning of August 16, following a sabotage, a military warehouse near the village of Dzhankoy was damaged,” the ministry said in a note quoted by the Interfax news agency, which confirmed the outbreak of a fire. in a temporary ammunition depot.

The explosion, it is specified, caused “damage to numerous civilian structures”, but no serious injuries, while about 2 thousand people were evacuated.

Kiev appears to claim responsibility for the explosions. “The Ukrainian armed forces continue the high-precision ‘demilitarization’ operation to completely free our land from Russian invaders. Our soldiers are the best sponsors of good humor. Crimea is Ukraine”, writes the head of the country on twitter. presidential office of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak.