Ukraine, no Easter truce: two boys killed in Russia raid

In the Zaporizhzhya region a church was hit. Exchange of prisoners between Moscow and Kiev. Messages from Zelensky and Putin for Orthodox Easter. Russian leader at mass with Kirill

Also in the On the day Orthodox Easter is celebrated, Russian attacks continue on Ukraine who bombed the Mykolayiv region during the night, killing two teenagers. This was denounced by the military governor of the region, Vitaly Kim. Even in the Zaporizhzhya region, what the head of the military administration, Yuri Malashko, calls a “massive attack” by Moscow is being denounced. A church was also damaged in the bombing where it was not possible to celebrate Easter Mass. “Nothing is sacred, not even the night of resurrection,” wrote Malashko.

Meanwhile, 130 Ukrainian soldiers captured by the Russians have been freed as part of a “big prisoner exchange for Easter”. This was announced on Telegram by the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, who posted photos of dozens of soldiers with the Ukrainian flag. “130 of our people are returning,” he added, explaining that the exchange has taken place in stages in recent days.

ZELENSKY – “Today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the main symbol of victory – the victory of good, truth, life. We celebrate Easter with unshakable faith in the irreversibility of these victories.” This is what Volodymyr Zelensky declared in a message on the occasion of Orthodox Easter. “War cannot erase us, it cannot erase our values, our traditions, our holidays”, added the Ukrainian president in the video released today, recalling last year’s Easter in Ukraine people prayed for the country’s survival after the massive Russian invasion.

“Today we pray that Ukraine wins”, he added, recalling how in this year the Ukrainians have regained much of the lost territory. “We have already come a long way – he continued – perhaps the most difficult mountain is still ahead of us, we will overcome it and together we will meet our dawn”.

Then he spoke of the areas occupied by the Russians, including the Crimea: “the sun will shine in the south and east, the sun will shine in the Crimea, in the blue sky full of peace and will be the light of justice”.

PUTIN – In a message published by the Kremlin on the occasion of Orthodox Easter, Vladimir Putin praises the Orthodox Church for “its active commitment to mercy and charity in the face of serious challenges”, with what is considered a reference to the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions.

The Russian president attended mass at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, together with the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin and Patriarch Kirill who gave him a decorated Easter egg. Russian media showed images of Putin alongside Sobyanin holding lighted candles.

“The wonderful, beloved Easter gives hope to believers, inspires good thoughts and deeds and serves to reaffirm our high moral values ​​and the values ​​of our society,” Putin’s message continues.