Ukraine, “no rockets from Egypt to Moscow: it will produce ammunition for Kiev”

This was revealed by the Washington Post according to which the decision would have come after an interview with senior US officials

“Egypt suspended a plan to covertly supply rockets to Russia last month following talks with senior US officials. It then decided to produce artillery munitions for Ukraine, according to five leaked US intelligence documents.” The Washington Post writes this, after citing, a week ago, another document that “revealed a secret plan by Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, in February, to supply Russia with up to 40,000 122 mm Sakr-45 rockets, which can be used in multiple rocket launch systems. Sisi – the document read – has instructed his subordinates to keep the project secret ‘to avoid problems with the West'”.

The new documents, which the Washington Post obtained from material allegedly posted on the Discord platform by the ‘mole’ discovered in recent days, “appear to show Sisi in early March backtracking on previous plans to supply Moscow, a choice that would have represented a blow to Cairo’s more generous western ally, the United States”.

“Washington has been trying to enlist new supporters – continues the American newspaper – and obtain desperately needed ammunition for Kiev’s fight against Russian forces. Egypt intended to use its ability to produce weapons for Ukraine as ‘ leverage’ to obtain advanced US military items, say the documents which, taken together, provide new insight into the Biden administration’s cautious but high-risk diplomacy with countries that have sought to remain on the fringes of the “Washington’s stalemate with Moscow is intensifying. They also show how the great competition for power has allowed Egypt to seek new advantages as its relationship with the United States becomes less crucial.”