Ukraine, Orban: “Stop funding and war will end”

Hungarian prime minister: “It is a financially non-existent country, we cannot continue to maintain Kiev”. Medvedev praises him: “Brave and precise”

Ukraine is an economically non-existent country“. This is what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on the Kossuth radio station, explaining that the functioning of the country is financed by the European Union, and this is destroying Europe. “We pay Ukrainian pensions and salaries, we keep their state administration, their health care. It is clear that this state of affairs cannot be maintained in the long term,” said Orban, according to whom, the war will end as soon as we stop funding Kiev.

The head of the Hungarian government then stressed that the United States “has not abandoned its plan to involve everyone in a military alliance”, supplying Ukraine with weapons and supporting the ongoing hostilities. But Hungary will remain on the side of peace. “AND if a world war breaks out, it will be a nuclear war“Orban noted, reiterating that the threat of the Ukrainian conflict turning into a new world war grows with each passing day. In his view, the current escalation of the conflict in Ukraine attests to the fact that warring countries are literally ” inches from the use of nuclear weapons”. This is exactly why Hungary supports the fastest possible ceasefire and the start of peace talks on resolving the Ukrainian conflict, the Hungarian Prime Minister stressed.

Orban’s statements follow those of the deputy president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, who last April 8 had argued that Ukraine will disappear because nobody needs it. And today Medvedev, praised Vladimir Putin’s longtime ally on his Telegram channel. “According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, Ukraine is a financially non-existent country. As soon as the funding from the US and Europe ends, the war will also end. He said it well, with courage and precision compared to a European politician. All that one can add is that as soon as Western funding runs out, Ukraine itself will cease to exist.”