Ukraine, Orban: “Trump is the hope for peace”

The Hungarian president: “He is the only one, given his relationship with Putin, able to manage the negotiations and avoid the third world war”

“The hope for peace is called Donald Trump“. Assist of Viktor Orban, from Berlin, to the former American president, his great ideological ally, who for days has continued to affirm that immediate peace negotiations are needed to stop the conflict in Ukraine, that Joe Biden’s” mistakes “risk turn into a Third World War, and it offers itself, not so vehemently, how the only one, given his relationship with Vladimir Putin, capable of handling these negotiations.

“Ukrainians have endless resources because they receive them from the Americans”, the Hungarian premier said again, in the round table hosted by Cicero magazine and the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, not hiding his criticisms of the management of Biden which, according to him, is not a credible interlocutor for negotiations since “he went too far” by saying that Putin cannot remain in power.

The statements at the round table were not the only utterances of support for Trump made by Orban – who speaking in August at the conference in Dallas by the CPAC, the American ultra-conservative organization, spoke of a common struggle against progressives – during his mission to Germany. “At the end of my first day on Twitter, I have a question in mind: where is my good friend @realDonaldTrump?” tweeted, with a clear controversial reference to Trump’s ban from social media after the assault on Congress, Orban who only yesterday inaugurated his Twitter account.