Ukraine, Orsini: “If Russia conquers Kiev, no Third World War”

The professor in Cartabianca: “The tanks are not enough for Ukraine”

“If Russia conquered Kiev, World War III would not break out.” This is the opinion of Alessandro Orsini, guest of Cartabianca. “The US has no interest in starting World War III to reconquer Kiev. Biden has an interest in bleeding Russia dry, he has an interest in ensuring that the war is moderated and prolonged to make the process of separation between Russia and the Europe”, says the professor of sociology of international terrorism.

“It is a technique for manipulating public opinion. Things are going very badly for Ukraine in Donbass, the big press that supported the war has to hide the failure of the American strategy. The Ukrainian president Zelensky is asking for weapons in continuation because the Russia, with the partial mobilization, has crushed Ukraine on the defensive. The White House spreads the propaganda, the big Italian media pick it up”, says Orsini.

“Russia is awaiting important defeats, I exclude that for Russia it is a walk in health. In the medium term, however, Russia becomes stronger and Ukraine weakens. It would be a disaster if Russia conquered Kiev because Europe would live in a permanent war arrangement. It would be a disaster even if Russia were defeated on the ground, it would almost certainly be nuclear war: faced with defeat on the ground, Putin would use tactical nuclear weapons”, he continues. “This weakens Zelensky, because the tanks are insufficient in number and means, if they are not supported by air and artillery support”.