Ukraine, Orsini: “If Russia loses the war, it risks self-destruction”

“Conflict can last many years”

“A defeat in Ukraine could trigger the dissolution of the Russian federation. A defeat would trigger a process of self-destruction, that’s why I say this war for Russia is an existential issue.” These are the words of Professor Alessandro Orsini who, in Cartabianca, expressed himself on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“If the Ukrainians could, they would launch any missile at Moscow, which is understandable. Apparently they have developed drones capable of penetrating 650km into Russia’s territory. I don’t know how happy the US is. I think after the attack consensus around Putin is destined to grow on Russian national territory. This war could last many years, a situation similar to the one existing between North Korea and South Korea could arise”, says the professor of sociology of international terrorism .

“If this war goes on for many years, Italy must review its policies in the Mediterranean and make a very large investment in the navy. Italy’s security is very exposed in the Mediterranean: Russia is very insidious in Libya and Algeria. I don’t think Russia has hit a dead end. Ukraine is at the corner. Russia has maintained relations with China and India,” he adds. “I am absolutely certain that in a desperate condition Russia would use tactical nuclear weapons, but I see this period further in the coming months: Putin is relying heavily on the 300,000 soldiers he is about to send to the front and thinks he can achieve his goals in a conventional”.