Ukraine, Orsini: “Russia has offered dialogue, Biden says no”

“We Westerners are rejecting any proposal for dialogue with Moscow”

“Russia has offered dialogue twice in recent weeks.” These are the words of Professor Alessandro Orsini to Cartabianca on the war between Russia and Ukraine. “The first time he did it after losing Kharkhiv. A few days ago, after the bombing of Kiev, Lavrov said that Putin would like to meet Biden at the G20 in Indonesia and the American president said he does not want to talk about Ukraine with Putin. We. Westerners are rejecting any proposal for dialogue with Russia, in this situation there is no possibility of peace “, added the professor of sociology of international terrorism.

“We NATO, we Western bloc want war, we do not want peace. Russia has been seeking dialogue with the White House for more than 20 years. It is absolutely false that we want peace, we are fiercely determined to make war. because we want to defeat Russia on the ground. If we don’t succeed, we would be happy to see Putin overthrown. “