Ukraine, Parolin: “Zelensky and Putin’s interlocutor Zuppi on a peace mission”

The Vatican secretary of state: “We are delighted with Moscow’s availability, we are discussing the dates”

Cardinal Matthew Soupspresident of the CEI, will be theinterlocutor of both Kiev and Moscow in the peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. This was explained by the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Parolin expressed satisfaction with Moscow’s “availability” and said that we are discussing the dates for undertaking the mission.

“What has already been announced by the Holy See remains – said Parolin – that there will be this peace mission entrusted by the Pope to Cardinal Zuppi which will try to favor a climate, an environment that can lead to paths of peace” . “We are pleased – observed Parolin – of Moscow’s willingness to also receive the Pope’s envoy but this does not change anything regarding the substance of the mission”.

As for the fact that Kiev has said it is not willing to mediate, Parolin said: “Kiev, from what is reported by the media, would not be willing to mediate in the strict sense but the mission does not have mediation as its immediate purpose, but rather to create a climate, help move towards a peaceful solution. The interlocutors will be Moscow and Kiev. For the moment; then we’ll see. We are discussing the dates. I believe that there are no problems for the dates on the part of the two capitals”.