Ukraine, party deputy Zelensky: “We say thank you to Meloni, possible visit in February”

“Air defenses never enough, good Italy”

“Meloni was very clear about her support for Ukraine and her willingness to side Italy with us in this battle and we want to express her gratitude.” This was stated in an interview with Adnkronos by Ukrainian deputy and member of the Foreign Affairs commission, Sviatoslav Yurash, who belongs to the Servant of the People party of President Volodymyr Zelensky, commenting on the announced visit of the prime minister to Kiev. “We want to demonstrate to you that our institutions are grateful for the historical choice that Meloni has made in support of our statehood”, continues Yurash, specifying that with the Italian authorities “there is no shortage of discussions” on the ways of cooperation and on the “requests” made by Kiev. On the date of the visit, still uncertain, the deputy believes that “next month is a good hypothesis, but I cannot confirm the date”.

Yurash thus reiterates that the West must increase supplies of air defense systems to Ukraine. “Ours is the largest country in Europe and when trying to protect ourselves from the onslaught of the largest country on earth, which is destroying us, I have to say that air defenses are never enough. We are very happy to collaborate with the State of Italy and we hope that this will continue in every respect”, declares Yurash, while in Italy the supply of the Samp-T system in Kiev remains at the center of the debate.

“We need tanks and artillery”

On the eve of the meeting of allied defense ministers in Ramstein, Yurash explains that Ukraine “will make it clear to the world that there are two further steps” to be taken to win the war. “We need support in terms of tanks, especially the Challengers. Ukraine’s other permanent request is for artillery. As I saw myself on the battlefield, artillery shells are always needed. And in terms of cooperation in this area, nothing is enough and any help is welcome”, continued the deputy, underlining that “our territory is large enough to host as many defense systems as possible”.

“In the past malfunctions on a helicopter crashed with the Interior Minister”

On the same model of helicopter that crashed in Brovary, near Kiev, with the heads of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry on board, “in the past” there had been “malfunctions”, as underlined by “several Ukrainian media – the deputy points out – There are various theories now in circulation and I must say that the investigation has not come to a conclusion. It is a tragedy, from whatever angle you look at it”, remarked the deputy, recalling that the Interior Minister who died in the crash, Denys Monastyrsky, ” he was one of us in parliament for many years” and was “critical to the election campaign, both of President Zelensky and our campaign for female parliamentarians”. Yurash says he is “reluctant” to formulate hypotheses because the final result of the “just started” investigation could be “very different”.

“Zelensky isn’t sure Putin is still alive? Every hypothesis is credible”

The “confidentiality” of Russian politics is a “historic” fact and is “a tradition kept very much alive” by the Kremlin. For this reason it is always very difficult to understand what is happening” inside Russia and “every hypothesis is credible at this point” says Yurash commenting on the words of President Volodymyr Zelensky, who said he was “not sure” that Vladimir Putin is “still alive”.

“Making hypotheses about what is happening within Russia’s state apparatus is rather impossible”, explains Yurash, recalling that already at the time of the USSR “several sovietologists in the West assumed power dynamics based on who was closest to the podium of the May 9 Parade”.

“We are seeing various different actors disappear from Russian politics”, adds the deputy, who is however convinced that even if Putin were to be “replaced”, Russian politics “will not change in an instant because there are various actors within Russia who they have power, both institutional and military. These actors are very eager to promote this war – he concludes – And my guess, and I hope I’m wrong, his eventual replacement will try to show that he is the true leader of Russia, by waging this war and killing many other Ukrainians and Russians”.