Ukraine, Pentagon develops ‘Phoenix Ghost’: drone designed for Kiev

121 new drones included in the additional US military aid package to Ukraine

The Pentagon has developed a new drone, called Phoenix Ghost, designed for the needs of Kiev. “It was quickly developed by the Air Force in response to specific Ukrainian requests,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, quoted by CNN. The new military aid package to Ukraine includes 121 Phoenix Ghosts.

The new drone “has similar capabilities to Switchblade unmanned systems, similar capabilities but not exactly the same. There are differences in capabilities,” Kirby said, without giving any other details. Managing the new drones will require “minimal training” on which the US is working with the Ukrainians. Switchblades are small drones, which soldiers can carry in their backpack, capable of detecting, reaching and destroying targets from a distance while evading radar. They are also called kamikaze drones because they explode on targets.