Ukraine, Pentagon: “Low probability of a military victory for Kiev”

US Chief of Staff: “A political solution leading to Russian withdrawal is possible”

“There probability of a Ukrainian military victoryincluding the expulsion of Russians from all of Ukraine, including Crimea, the likelihood of this happening early is not militarily high“. This was stated by the US Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, in a conference at the Pentagon, adding that it would instead be possible political solutionthanks to which the Russians withdraw.

According to President Biden’s top military adviser, Russia would still have significant fighting power inside Ukraine despite the military setbacks.

Milley also warns China. Any Chinese attack on Taiwan would be as serious a strategic mistake as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I think it would not be wise – he articulated to the Pentagon – it would be a political error, a geopolitical error, a strategic error, similar to the strategic error that Putin made in Ukraine”, Milley specified, underlining that no attack on Taiwan is imminent.

The chief of staff said he believes Chinese President Xi Jinping, who just won a historic third term as the country’s supreme leader and has declared joining Taiwan with China as a top priority, is an “actor rational. I think he evaluates things on the basis of costs, benefits and risks and I think he would conclude that an attack on Taiwan in the near future would be too risky and end up in a strategic debacle for the Chinese military.”