Ukraine, phone call between Biden and Putin

The phone call between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin lasted 50 minutes. At the center of the discussion was the question of Ukraine and the desire for dialogue between Washington and Moscow. The Russian president – the Kremlin said – said he was “satisfied” with the phone call, adding that Putin warned Biden against adopting sanctions against Moscow, warning that this would be “a mistake.

colossal. “Moscow, the Kremlin adds, wants” results “on the required” guarantees “of security.

The American president, for his part, expressed “support” for the diplomatic solution but made it clear that “the US and its allies and partners will respond firmly if Russia further invades Ukraine” and that “substantial progress” in dialogue “they can only take place in a de-escalation rather than an escalation environment”.

Second confrontation of the two leaders in a month

The call began at 9.35pm (Italian time), as reported by a White House official from Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden is spending the New Year. This is the second confrontation between the two leaders since the beginning of the month. The first, via video conference, was held on 7 December. In the meantime, Moscow has published a list of requests to NATO and the US to obtain what it considers the necessary guarantees for its security, starting with the limitation of the role of the Atlantic Alliance in Ukraine and throughout the former Soviet space.