Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria to compatriots: “Leave Russia”

They fear it may become more difficult to cross the border in the future

The governments of Bulgaria and Poland are asking their citizens to leave Russia urgentlyfearing that it may become more difficult to cross the borders of the Federation with the closure of accesses due to the increase in Russians fleeing mass mobilization.

In a statement, the Sofia Foreign Ministry urged to “avoid going to Russia and recommended to Bulgarian citizens who are in Russia to consider the possibility of leave the country as soon as possible, using the means of transport currently available“.

The Polish Foreign Ministry made a similar exhortation to its citizens in Russia: “In the event of a drastic deterioration in the security situation, closure of the borders or other unpredictable circumstances, evacuation could be significantly difficult and even impossible.” “We recommend to Polish citizens who remain in Russia – he concludes – to leave the territory of the Federation using any commercial and private means available”.