Ukraine, Pope Francis: “Stop the senseless war”

The Pope addresses the powerful of the world: “Silence the guns”

“Our gaze is filled with the faces of the Ukrainian brothers and sisters who are living this Christmas in the dark, in the cold or far from their homes, due to the destruction caused by ten months of war”. In his Christmas message from the central loggia of the Vatican Basilica, the Pope thinks of Ukraine for which he has made more than 130 appeals since February to stop the war, and addresses the powerful of the world: “May the Lord make us ready to solidarity to help those who are suffering, and enlighten the minds of those who have the power to silence the weapons and put an immediate end to this senseless war! Unfortunately, we prefer to listen to other reasons, dictated by the logic of the world. But the voice of the Child, who’s listening to you?”

The Pope’s tone is serious: “Our time is experiencing a serious lack of peace in other regions as well, in other theaters of this third world war”. Bergoglio reflects on the often forgotten wars and conflicts in the world: “We think of Syria, still tormented by a conflict that has faded into the background but has not ended; and we think of the Holy Land, where violence and clashes have increased in recent months , with dead and wounded. We implore the Lord that there, in the land that saw his birth, dialogue and the search for mutual trust between Israelis and Palestinians resume”.

The Pope expresses sorrow for the situation in the Middle East: “May the Child Jesus support the Christian communities living throughout the Middle East, so that in each of those countries we can experience the beauty of fraternal coexistence between people belonging to different faiths. Help in particular Lebanon, so that it can finally recover, with the support of the international community and with the strength of brotherhood and solidarity. May the light of Christ illuminate the Sahel region, where the peaceful coexistence between peoples and traditions is upset by clashes and violence. towards a lasting truce in Yemen and towards reconciliation in Myanmar and Iran, so that all bloodshed ceases. Inspire the political authorities and all people of good will in the American continent to work to pacify the political and social tensions affecting various Countries; I am thinking in particular of the Haitian population who have been suffering for a long time”.