Ukraine, Pope: “In the name of God, put an end to the madness of war”

Francis’ appeal: “Immoral nuclear weapons, we need dialogue, respect and trust”

“I ask in the name of God that an end to the cruel madness of war”. This is the appeal that Pope Francis launches in his book ‘I ask you in the name of God’, published by Piemme and of which the newspaper ‘La Stampa’ today anticipated some passages. Bergoglio considered the persistence of the war “between us as the real failure of politics”. The pope quotes Virgil who more than two thousand years ago “shaped this verse: ‘War does not save!’ countries. War is the clearest sign of inhumanity “.

“Today we are witnessing a third world war in pieces – continues the Pontiff – which nevertheless threaten to become bigger and bigger, to the point of taking the form of a global conflict. To the explicit rejection of my predecessors, the events of the first two decades of this century they force me to add, unambiguously, that there is no occasion in which a war can be considered just. There is never room for war barbarism “. For this reason, Bergoglio argues, “I ask the political authorities to stop wars in progress, not to manipulate information and not to deceive their peoples to achieve war objectives. War is never justified. In fact, it will never be a solution: just think of the destructive power of modern armaments to imagine how high the risks are that such a dispute will trigger clashes a thousand times higher than the supposed usefulness that some see there “.

The Pope points the finger at the contradiction of some politicians who “claim their Christian roots but then foment war conflicts as ways to resolve partisan interests. No! A good politician must always focus on peace; a good Christian must always choose way of dialogue. If we come to war it is because politics has failed. And every war that breaks out is also a failure of humanity “. And he concludes: “Having nuclear and atomic weapons is immoral. Those who think that they are a safer shortcut to dialogue, respect and trust, or the only paths that would lead humanity to the guarantee of a peaceful and fraternal coexistence, are wrong. Today. it is unacceptable and inconceivable that resources continue to be squandered to produce this kind of weapons while a serious crisis looms that has health, food and climate consequences and in which no investment will ever be enough “.