Ukraine, Pope: “Mercy and pity for a battered people”

Pope Francis said this at the end of the Angelus

“A special thought goes to the many pilgrims who today gathered in the sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow, where 20 years ago John Paul II made the act of entrusting the world to divine mercy. More than ever today we see the meaning of that gesture. , which we want to renew in prayer and in the witness of life. Mercy is the way of salvation for each one of us and for the whole world. Let us ask the Lord for special mercy and pity for the tortured Ukrainian people “. This is the thought addressed to the Ukrainians by Pope Francis at the end of the Angelus.

Francis also wanted to “draw attention to the serious humanitarian crisis affecting Somalia and some areas of neighboring countries. The populations of this region, who already arrive in very precarious conditions, are now in a deadly period due to drought. I hope that international solidarity can respond effectively to these emergencies. Unfortunately, the war diverts attention to resources, but these are objectives that require the utmost commitment: the fight against hunger, health, education “.