Ukraine, Poroshenko on Sky TG24: “The next few weeks are vital for the whole war”

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“The next few weeks will be vital to the whole war. We will either have a successful offensive or there will be a positional war that could last for months if not years.” These are the words, to the microphones of Sky TG24, by the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, commenting on the state of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. “I address a message not only to the Ukrainians, but to all our partners, the Italians, the British and all NATO members: we must do our best to accelerate the supply of weapons so as to start an offensive as early as April” ( ALL LIVE UPDATES ON THE CONFLICT).

On peace “Beijing can have important influence”

On Putin, the former president explains: “He not only attacked our positions in the East, but he attacked areas like Zaporizhizhia and there are many wounded civilians. And therefore we can speak without any doubt of terrorist attacks against civilians”. possibility that the conflict will be resolved, Poroshenko says: “We saw positive aspects in the peace plan presented by Xi in February. It would be important for President Xi to visit Ukraine on his return trip or, if this does not happen – in case it would be a pity – at least a call with the Ukrainian authorities to understand Ukraine’s position in this war”. “I think the key to peace is not in our hands. There is none in Kiev, Brussels, Rome or Washington. The key to peace is in Moscow, but Beijing can have an extremely important influence”.

“Bringing back the children Putin illegally deported”

The Pope’s role can also be very important, for Poroshenko: “I am thinking of his possible influence for example with regard to the release of Ukrainian hostages from Russian prisons, that could be an important humanitarian mission. Furthermore, we must bring back Ukrainian children that Putin illegally deported from Ukraine and we really want to hear the strong and powerful voice of Pope Francis, to protect the hundreds of Ukrainian children in Europe”.

“Don’t trust Putin”

While on the possible nuclear implications of the war, the former Ukrainian president states: “This is Putin’s manipulation when we talk about the danger of a nuclear attack or the dispersion of nuclear components. This is manipulation”. And he asks: “Please, don’t trust Putin”.