Ukraine, Prince William surprises in Poland meets Gb military

The heir to the throne went to the military bases of Rzeszow to “personally thank the British and Polish troops who are working to counter Russian aggression”

Surprise visit to Poland by prince williamwho went to military bases in Rzeszow, near the border with Ukraine, to “personally thank the British troops and Poles working in close and crucial collaboration” to counter Russian aggression. Kept under wraps for security reasons until the Prince of Wales left the base, the mission was the closest to a member’s war ground of the British royal family.

Prince William met with Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and Polish Territorial Defense Force troops to hear about the support they are providing and laud their “passion” and “determination to defend our shared freedoms.” “. The prince also expressed appreciation for Poland’s humanitarian response, saying that “you have opened your hearts as much as your homes”. William then met with British soldiers and listened to their experiences.

Landing in Warsaw, the heir to the British throne said that ”it’s fantastic to be back in Poland”, where he had visited with his wife in 2017. And he added that ”our nations have strong ties. Through our cooperation in support of the Ukrainian people and their freedoms, which are also our freedoms and yours, these ties are further strengthened.”