Ukraine, Putin: “NATO and Kiev refuse to negotiate”

Kiev’s reply: “No more whining from Moscow, if it wants to dialogue the road is clear”. Zelensky: “Russia will not stop aggression even after its defeat”

Negotiations are the ideal way to resolve all issues, from the situation in Ukraine to NATO expansion. But ”the problem is that they refuse to negotiate with us”. She said it Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the second Russia-Africa Economic Forum in St. Petersburg e pointing the finger at NATO and Ukraine, accused of not wanting to negotiate.

“They, I repeat once again, they refuse to negotiate to ensure equal security for all, including Russia. And Ukraine itself, or rather the current Ukrainian regime, refuses to negotiate, it was officially announced. The President of Ukraine adopted a decree on this banning the negotiations,” Putin said. Addressing the African leaders at the summit, he said that “we obviously agree with you that all contradictions should be resolved during the negotiations , but the problem is that they refuse to negotiate with us”.

The Kremlin spokesman also spoke on the negotiations Dmitry Peskov. “The Russian side remains open, which cannot be said about the Ukrainians,” she said. “Ukrainians maintain their irreconcilable position, especially now that they find themselves in a rather precarious situation, but despite this they continue to refuse any possibility of dialogue,” she added.


“If Moscow wants to negotiate, the road is clear“, writes Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak on Twitter, denouncing Russia’s “whining” over the fact that Kiev refuses to talk. “Because it makes no sense. Because it is the Russian Federation that undermines international law and the global security order,” explained Podolyak, according to whom the Russian army “terrorizes” Ukrainians “with cruise missiles, killing thousands of people. What should we talk about and with whom?”

In the tweet Podolyak reiterates the four points that, according to Kiev, Russia must observe in order to create the conditions for negotiations, namely the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine, the admission of war crimes, the extradition of those responsible and the change of political elite.


President Volodymyr Zelensky said he doesn’t believe Russia will stop its aggression against Ukraine, even after it is defeated. Speaking at State Day, Zelensky said he hoped next year’s holiday could be celebrated in a fully liberated country.

“We don’t believe that Russia won’t want to come back to attack us even after we drive them off all our lands,” Zelensky said. “Ukraine’s victory can and must be such as to discourage any attempt by the enemy to return.”