Ukraine, Putin opens up to China’s peace plan: “Basis for talks”

“Russia is grateful to Beijing for thinking about how to end the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,” added the Kremlin leader

”The Chinese plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine is realistic and could form the basis for peace talks”. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared this during an interview with the Chinese television broadcaster CCTV. ”Russia is grateful to China for thinking about how to put an end to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,” Putin added while his Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, is in Beijing where he met with the head of Chinese diplomacy Wang Yi .

What does China’s peace plan include?

The first step of the Chinese plan is a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. Therefore the start of a dialogue, identified as the only useful path to resolving the Ukrainian crisis. These are the first of the twelve points contained in the peace plan drawn up by Chinese President Xi Jinping and released by his Foreign Ministry.

Claiming its position of neutrality in the conflict, China also stated that “there are no limits” in its relationship with Russia and explained that it did not want to criticize the invasion. What is under accusation, for Beijing, is instead the international community, which is asked to lift the sanctions imposed against Moscow. The West, for China, is in fact guilty of “increasing the level of conflict” by supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Below are the twelve points:

1- Respect the national sovereignty of all countries.

2- Abandon the Cold War mentality.

3- Cease hostilities.

4- Resume peace talks.

5. Solve the humanitarian crisis.

6. Protect civilians and prisoners of war.

7. Keep nuclear sites safe.

8. Reduce strategic risks.

9. Promote cereal exports.

10. End unilateral sanctions.

11. Keep supply and industry channels stable.

12. Promote post-conflict construction.