Ukraine, Putin: “Russia-NATO clash? Global catastrophe”

” Direct negotiations with Biden? They are not necessary. We do not want to destroy Ukraine, we are correct “

” A global catastrophe ”. This will happen, the Russian president warned Vladimir Putin, if it comes to “a direct confrontation between NATO allies and Russia”. During a press conference in Astana, Putin said that ” a direct confrontation between NATO troops and the Russian army is a very dangerous step that will lead to a global catastrophe. I hope they’re smart enough not to. ”

” I don’t see the need to have negotiations with Biden in Indonesia ” on the sidelines of the G20, he added about a possible meeting with his American counterpart in Bali. “This is not the time to talk about direct negotiations with Biden, we have yet to see how Russia will participate in the G20,” he said.

” The Russian Federation has always been open to negotiations if Kiev is ripe to deal with them ” but according to Putin ” once we withdrew our troops from the Kiev region, the Ukrainians withdrew from the negotiating table ”.

” At the moment I don’t think there is a need for massive attacks in Ukraine ”, he said: last Monday, as is known, the main cities of Ukraine, including Kiev, were hit by a series of massive raids in retaliation for the attack on the bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula with the Russian Federation. ” Russia’s goal is, of course, not to destroy Ukraine. Russia is acting correctly and on time, ” he added.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ” is an important mediator ” ‘and with him’ ‘yesterday we talked about how to get wheat to the poorest countries” as part of the agreement reached in July in Istanbul., He added the Kremlin leader who also wanted to thank Erdogan for his mediating role in the ” exchange of prisoners ”.

In the conflict triggered by the invasion in February, Russia recently ordered the mobilization of about 300,000 reservists. Operations were not always carried out smoothly and efficiently. “The partial mobilization will end soon”, it will be “completed within two weeks”, Putin said, underlining that “222 thousand reservists have been mobilized out of 300 thousand” that “the quality of the mobilization must be improved: all those mobilized must be trained”.