Ukraine, Putin: “The goal of the operation is to free Donbass”

The Russian President: “Ensuring the security of Russia. When will it end? It also depends on the potential victims, the most important thing is the life of our children over there”

The objectives of the special military operation in Ukraine are, according to Vladimir Putin, free the Donbassdefend the residents of the region, e “create the conditions that will guarantee the security of Russia”.

The Russian President, at the end of his visit to Ashgabat, where he went for the Caspian Sea Summit, reiterated that the operation continues “in a calm and rhythmic manner, the military forces advance and reach the destination points assigned to them as goal “and therefore”everything goes as planned“.

“There is no need to set a date for the completion of the operation. I never talk about this, since this is how real life is, it’s not okay to confine it to deadlines “, says Putin quoted by the Tass agency, only to point out that this date” is theegate to the intensity of combat operations, which in turn are related to potential victims“The most important thing to think about is to protect the lives of our kids over there,” he stressed.