Ukraine, Putin: “US occupation troops still in Germany”

For the Russian president, after the Second World War Germany “was no longer a sovereign state”

The Russian president Vladimir Putin he claims that there are still “American occupation troops” in Germany and that after the Second World War Germany “was no longer a sovereign state”. His words come on the day Berlin announces the go-ahead for sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

“The largest European country, an economic giant, is the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany was divided into four sectors after the Second World War: American, British, French and Russian. The Soviet Union formalized the termination of the occupation, the United States did not. Formally, legally, there are American occupying troops on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germanyand there are many,” Putin said during a meeting with students of the Moscow University visible on Youtube, reports Ukrainska pravda.

“And it’s not just me saying it. Prominent German politicians say it, and I would like to underline it not oriented towards Russia, but towards Germany”, Putin commented, adding that “one day Europe will be restored to sovereignty “.