Ukraine, Putin: “We had no other options, we will achieve the goals”

The Russian president: “It will be so, there is no doubt”

Vladimir Putin says he is “convinced” that Russia will be able to “achieve the goals” it has set itself in Ukraine “no doubt”. “It will be so, there is no doubt”, she said during a visit to a space base, defining the Russian “objectives” as “understandable and noble”. Putin then pointed out that on the occasion of his first speech on the invasion of Ukraine he had indicated the goal of “helping the people of Donbass”.

“We know that our forces are participating in a special military operation,” he said, using Moscow’s definition of the invasion of Ukraine: “in Donbass, Ukraine, supporting the people’s republics” (the “self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk). The Russian forces, he added, “act courageously, competently and efficiently”.

With this operation, he then argued, the Russians “take measures” to guarantee their own safety. “Obviously we had no other options, it is the correct decision“, he said, according to reports from the Russian news agency Interfax. Putin then ruled out the risk that Russia” isolates itself from the world “, something” impossible “in his opinion. After insisting on several occasions that the invasion of Ukraine was dictated by the need to protect the Russian-speaking population of the east of the country Putin finally defined the decision to attempt the occupation of the whole of Ukraine as “absolutely correct”.