Ukraine, Razov: “In Italy serious doubts about the river weapons under Kiev regime”

The Russian ambassador to Italy at TASS: “Sending weapons will not change the objectives of the special mission, but they will make the conflict longer and more painful”

“Judging from the polls and press articles, there are serious doubts about the feasibility of flooding the Kiev regime with weaponsespecially considering the rise of incomparably more important complications, social and economic problems for Italy “. This is what the Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Razov, said in an interview with TASS.” It must be clear that he arms shipments will not change the objectives of the special mission, but will make the conflict longer and more painful “, adds the Russian diplomat.

Razov does not expect a change in Rome’s position towards Moscow with the advent of the new government, Tass writes today, publishing the interview given by the Russian diplomat in Rome. “So far a line has been drawn for the continuation of support for the Kiev regime, compliance with anti-Russian sanctions” says the ambassador, recalling how in the telephone conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky, last October 4, Giorgia Meloni confirmed “the the intention of the new Italian government to continue the policy of supporting the Kiev regime “.

“The victory of the center-right coalition and the first public statements of the leaders of the new government in formation now obviously deserve attention and require additional analysis – argues the Russian diplomat, who answered the questions of the Moscow news agency two days ago – Therefore, the answer to the question of what can be expected from the new Italian government I would postpone until the moment this government is formed and when the statements that can be explained in the phase of the pre-electoral struggle in one way or another pass in the practice of specific foreign policy decisions and actions “. “Sure, let’s hope for common sense,” Razov says as he concludes the interview.