Ukraine, rector of the University of Kiev: “we will welcome Kharkiv professors and students, reconstruction funds sent”

“We will propose a collection of books for destroyed university libraries. Union of Rectors appealed for the condemnation of the war and the introduction of sanctions”

Karazin National University was completely destroyed in Kharkiv by the Russian army airstrikes in yet another act of aggression against a property belonging to all humanity in violation of international conventions. “It is an act that symbolizes the Great Evil of Russian culture, which the whole civilized world must fight”. Thus to Adnkronos Volodymyr Bugrov, rector of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, one of the largest universities in Ukraine, who rushed to the rescue of the University of Karazin and other universities, as he announced: “We are transferring funds to the Foundation for Reconstruction, we have expressed our willingness to welcome students and professors. Now we want to propose a collection of books for the libraries of all the destroyed universities, including that of Karazin in Kharkiv “.

“The Union of Ukrainian University Rectors – continues Bugrov – appealed to individual universities and institutions, to rating agencies and scientific publishing houses to condemn the war and to introduce sanctions against Russian universities and institutions. ‘education and science. We have received feedback from our colleagues from all over the world. The attack on universities is a tragedy and a crime “. It is paradoxical that “the Russians are to blame for it, who despite their history have opposed them to the Nazis now, as they did, burn schools, universities, books, libraries, destroying any place where culture is concentrated”, he comments.

What is the death toll of professors and university students and of those who enlisted to defend the country? “The ministry of education of Ukraine collects data on the damage and destruction of the premises – he replies – But the war continues to expand this list day by day. As for those who went to fight and the victims, every Athenaeus has its obituaries and lists of the names of professors and enlisted students. Glory to all those who died fighting and to all innocent victims “.

(by Roberta Lanzara)