Ukraine, Russia: “Accelerated NATO membership is a danger for Europe”

The Kremlin spokesman denounces a “strong anti-Russian position on the eve of the summit” and predicts a negative reaction also to the expected Swedish membership of the Alliance

An accelerated process of Ukraine’s accession to NATO would arise major security risks to Europe. This is underlined by the Kremlin. “It is potentially very dangerous for European security,” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by Interfax.

Peskov then denounced “a strong anti-Russian position” in the preparatory phase of the Vilnius summit and announced a negative reaction to the planned Swedish membership of the Alliancewith the adoption of measures comparable to those adopted after Finland joined NATO.

“Russia is perceived by them (NATO members, ed.) as an enemy, an adversary and the discussion will be precisely in this spirit. We are following this event very closely, many statements will be carefully analyzed in order to adopt measures aimed at guaranteeing our safety,” Peskov stressed.