Ukraine, Russia against Kiev: “Donetsk attack monstrous terrorist act”

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov “indiscriminate weapons are used, causing the death of many people”

The attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Donetsk market is a terrorist act. This was stated by Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a press conference. “The attack that took place yesterday in Donetsk is a monstrous act of terrorism. Because indiscriminate weapons are used, causing the death of many people,” Peskov said.

“The regime in Kiev – added the Kremlin spokesperson – continues to show its beastly face: it affects civilian infrastructure, people and the civilian population. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, air defense systems and other relevant departments they are taking the necessary measures to protect us from these types of terrorist attacks.”

Kiev: 8 drones launched from Moscow shot down

On today’s news front, January 22, 2024, Kiev’s air force reported having shot down eight Iranian-made Shahed drones launched overnight from Russia. In its bulletin, the Ukrainian Air Force specifies that the launch of the so-called kamikaze drones has been completely rejected.

According to Kiev Russia has lost 376,860 soldiers in Ukraine since the war began, on February 24, 2022. This was reported by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This number includes 830 casualties suffered by Russian forces over the past day. According to the report, Russia also lost 6,192 tanks, 11,489 armored combat vehicles, 11,891 fuel vehicles and tanks, 8,896 artillery systems, 968 multiple launch rocket systems, 657 air defense systems, 331 aircraft, 324 helicopters , 6,961 drones, 23 boats and a submarine.

Zelensky announces introduction of ‘multiple citizenship’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in a video message published on social media this morning his intention to present a draft legislative proposal that will “introduce multiple citizenship”. The new rules will extend “to all Ukrainians of origin and their descendants throughout the world, except for the aggressor country.” “All those – he declared – who, during the various waves of migration, were forced to leave their homeland and ended up in Europe, the United States, Canada, the countries of Asia and Latin America. All those who help us despite being hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from their homeland. Foreign volunteers who took up arms to defend Ukraine, all those who fight for the freedom of Ukraine as if it were their homeland. And the Ukraine will become one for them,” he declared. “When all Ukrainians hold hands, they will not raise them in surrender. We all fight. And today this does not only apply to the two banks of the Dnipro River. Today the unity of Ukrainians embraces both hemispheres of the Earth. Every corner where, on February 24, there were people declaring: “I am Ukrainian”. Only strong Ukrainians can be united. And only united Ukrainians can be strong. Ukrainians all over the world. Happy Unity Day!”, the Ukrainian president posted on X.

Isw, Russian air defense not ready to repel attack on Leningrad

There Russian air defense may not be equipped to repel an attack on Leningrad from Ukraine. And this is because Russian defense systems in the Leningrad oblast have been equipped to counter actions coming from NATO and not from the south. The ISW, the Institute for the Study of War, writes this in its latest report. ”Historically, Russia has deployed its air defense in the area to defend itself from hypothetical NATO attacks,” the analysts wrote. Even now, they add, Russian forces are building a ”Leningrad military district” along the border with Finland to intimidate NATO members and possibly prepare for a future war with countries that are part of the Alliance. But continued Ukrainian attacks on Russian military assets in the region may force Russia to change tactics. ”Ukrainian attacks in Leningrad Oblast could push Russian forces to reposition short-range air defense systems along the expected flight paths of Ukrainian drones to defend potential strategically valuable targets,” the ISW said, adding that if Ukraine continues to target Russian rear areas it could ”increase pressure on Russia’s air defenses in general”.