Ukraine, Russia ambassador to the USA: “Never threatened resort to nuclear power”

Anatoly Antonov: “We have long ceased to be surprised by unfounded and irresponsible accusations”

Recourse to nuclear power? Never threatened. Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, assured that none of the country’s authorities threatened to use nuclear weapons. “Frankly, we have long ceased to be surprised by baseless and irresponsible accusations that our country has threatened to use nuclear weapons. No one in Russia’s political and military leadership has ever spoken out like this,” Antonov said.

According to the Russian diplomat, Washington has unleashed an all-out hybrid war against Moscow: “They are taking advantage of NATO partners” to “force” countries to invest money in military financing, he claimed. “The defense industry didn’t see that much money even during the Cold War,” he added, in statements to the media compiled by the Tass news agency.

Former Russian president and current Security Council deputy chairman Dmytry Medvedev warned on Thursday that a Russian defeat in the war with Ukraine “could lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war”. A few minutes later, Kremlin spokesman Dmytry Peskov said that these statements by Medvedev did not imply changes in Russia’s defense doctrine. “This is totally in line with our nuclear doctrine, there are no contradictions,” he said.