Ukraine, Russia attack: missiles on Kiev, Bakhmut destroyed

New Moscow raids: one dead in the Ukrainian capital

Ukraine under attack on New Year’s Eve, Russia attacks with missile launch. Explosions are reported in many regions, including Kiev and Kharkiv, where the Ukrainian air defense went into action, as well as in Kherson, Vinnytsia and Zhytomyr. The Kiev administration has confirmed that air defense has intervened in the capital and in the region. In the city, there are one dead and one wounded.

The operator of the Ukrainian state power grid Ukrenergo has decided to temporarily limit the supply of electricity. “This is necessary to reduce the load on the power system in case our infrastructure is affected,” Odessa Oblast Governor Maksym Marchenko said.

The events confirm the scenario outlined by British intelligence: ”There is a realistic possibility that Russia will again attack other targets in the next few days” to ”undermine Ukrainian morale during the New Year holidays”, he said the British Ministry of Defence. The bulletin released by London intelligence states that ”in the coming days” ”large-scale attacks” by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine are expected.

Meanwhile, “the Russian army has almost completely destroyed the city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, and made it uninhabitable,” Ukrainian intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov said during the daily televised news marathon.

“The city is in a disastrous situation – he added – In my opinion, this city basically no longer exists. Some areas absolutely cannot be rebuilt. I’m not a builder, but it’s easier to build this city from scratch than to rebuild it”.