Ukraine, Russia attack: shower of missiles, at least 3 dead

At dawn today, Moscow’s forces launched 28 missiles in different parts of the country

Massive rocket attack on Ukraine by Russia today, August 15, another day of the war marked by raids in Moscow: the missiles hit an industrial enterprise in Lutsk in particular, killing three people and wounding three others. The missiles also hit residential buildings in Lviv, an enterprise in Dnipro (a fire broke out, two were injured).

There were also explosions in the Khmelnytsky region and in the town of Smila in the Cherkasy region. This was reported by ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ underlining that at 4 in the morning the Russian forces launched 28 missiles against Ukraine. 16 Kh-101 / Kh-555 cruise missiles, Kalibr.

“Despite comprehensive assistance from the West, the armed forces of Ukraine fail to achieve results. An example of this is the much-touted strategic counter-offensive. Preliminary results of hostilities show that Ukraine’s military resources are almost exhausted” Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the XI Moscow Conference on International Security.

According to Shoigu, the United States, under the pretext of supporting Kiev, is “cleaning up the military arsenals of its partners around the world.” The minister affirms that in this way the partner countries of the USA will have to agree to limit their own sovereignty in the field of security. “An example is Europe, where defense policy is completely subordinated to Washington’s interests,” Shoigu points out.